Rich Annotator System

The RAS software (Rich Annotator System) makes possible the digital edition of texts, proposing a reading with several layers, directed readings, enriched readings (Rich Reading).

With this application it is possible to produce editions that, on one hand, present in dialogue the literary works, the analysis and the studies which speak about it, on the other hand, offer directed readings of the literary texts themselves. The project aims to develop reading methods that take into account new digital uses to help acquire skills through active reading. These are important in social activities, in relational situations, in teamwork, in language learning, in communication, and even in solving problems encountered on a daily basis. Reading, particularly of literature, is based on various technologies of sharing, and writing is a prerequisite. Reading is a process of active and creative understanding, a cognitive operation that necessarily establishes a relationship of mutuality and cooperation.

During the course of the project, the seminars and the workshops, the professors-researchers and the doctoral students gather the corpus which will give body, thanks to the software RAS, to the intellectual product.

The website of the Rich Annotator System (RAS) :